Thursday, July 17, 2008

Keeping Molly Busy

Miss Molly Ann is recovering well from her surgery. The hardest part of her recovery is keeping her activity down. She is a ball of energy that just wants to run & play.

To keep her occupied while she is on cage rest we are filling this "Busy Buddy" with peanut butter and dog food. The Busy Buddy comes apart into two halves. Then you can place the treats inside & close it. There are two small holes on either end that allow food to fall out when tipped in the right direction. Hours of entertainment for any dog.

We let Oliver play with the Busy Buddy too. For some reason his toys always end up underneath the t.v. stand. We pull them out for him, but then minutes later he puts them back under. He will spend half an hour just staring at his toy, wishing it would roll back out to him. Silly Oliver.