Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Winston's Addiction

Hello, my name is Winston and I have an addiction... 

I compulsively seek out paper towels to eat. I have no control over this disorder. I think I may need counseling. 

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Sandra y Coco said...

Hi Winston!
Please let me know when you find a good counselor because I have the same addiction! :P

Jackie said...

Dear Winston,

I think you are related to my cat Zateynik ( BJ ). He has the same problem. But he also eats TP and Mini pads !!

Jackie in Minneapolis

KLC said...

OMG sooo cute, love him!!!

Winston, come to my house, I have lots of paper towels waiting for you!

Page said...

My Winston does the same thing! LOL!

Rachel said...

Winston, my Winston would like to join your tissue eaters anonymous group - he is hooked!