Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving at the firehouse

Michael still - Last post for the night.  April may hurt me for hijacking her blog.  If no one hears from me again, and I turn up missing, please name her as the number one suspect.  Anyway, so, I had to work at the fire department on thanksgiving, and there must have been about 2 dozen cooking related calls that the fire departments in my area responded to.  This is just proof that people who microwave their meals all year long should not try and cook Thanksgiving dinner.



Rachel said...

hahaha - I like the Michael blogs! Good job!

lml said...

My boyfriend staffed his firehouse on Thanksgiving as well and they had tons of calls. Being in the ER for clinicals on the weekends leading up to Thanksgiving I saw 3 serious turkey-fryer burns from people giving their turkey-fryers a test run. Thanksgiving cooking causes so many problems!

April- I'm making the Oreo truffles you posted. I can't wait until the boyfriend comes over so we can get started!

Clover said...

Haha, Michael, you have some funny stuff to share!
I love that pic of Oliver in the last post!