Monday, July 2, 2007

Not a good weekend for Zoe.

Our poor dear Zoe is "down in the rear" as the veterinary folk say. On Thursday Michael & I went to a movie and came back three hours later to find Zoe panting and unable to walk without stumbling. I rushed her into the vet and it was determined that she has IVDD also known as intervertebral disk disease. One of her spinal disks is protruding onto her spinal cord causing loss of coordination to her legs. We're not sure what has caused this, and sometimes no trauma is needed for this to happen. So for now Zoe is on strict cage rest, steroids and pain medication. Hopefully with time the swelling causing her dysfunction will resolve and she will be walking normally again. If not we may have to consider surgery to correct the problem. Let's pray she will recover on her own.