Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Comfort food.

Is this really bad for me? My indulgence consists of frozen yogurt, a banana, walnuts and fat free caramel sauce. How good does that sound! I know that eating the banana and walnuts alone would be much better for me, but I think I really am addicted to ice cream. Even though frozen yogurt doesn't taste exactly like ice cream, it comes very close. I need to go back to just having my Tevana tea at night after dinner. It is truly much better for me. Yesterday I found a recipe on the web for homemade Frosty Paws for dogs. Why did I never think about making my own. They really are easy to make, and then you know exactly what your dogs are eating. The recipe is as follows:

32 ounces vanilla yogurt
1 mashed banana or 1 jar of baby fruit
2 tablespoons peanut butter
2 tablespoons honey

Blend all together and freeze in either 3 ounce paper cups or ice cube trays. Microwave just a few seconds before serving.

You can find this recipe along with many others online at PetnBlog.

I went to Walmart and found the perfect Frosty Paw mold. It's a silicone cupcake pan. You just pour the mix into the mold cups, freeze overnight and the next morning you can pop the Frosty Paws right out. It couldn't be any easier. I then just stored them in a container in the freezer and we have a cool treat for the dogs.

Here's what I used.

We will be trying out the new treats tomorrow night. I'd like to say I'll be letting you know if the dogs liked them, but I'm sure they will be a big hit.