Thursday, February 5, 2009

Not So Waterproof Camera

There may not be any new stories for the next week or so. Husband and I went to swim with the manatees yesterday. It was the best experience ever!! Unfortunately the waterproof camera we had got waterlogged. So, we need to send it off to be fixed or replaced. Who knows how long that will take. We did get to take pictures with a disposable camera and a friend we went with took pictures with her camera. I will post those amazing photos with the manatees when I get them. 

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Sandra y Coco said...

WOW!!! where did you go to swim with manatees? I would like to do that!

Clover said...

Uh oh! Sorry to hear about the camera. But it sounds like you had an awesome time!!
I just watched the video of Caroline with Oliver and Winston - SO CUTE!!