Thursday, January 29, 2009

When Pugs Attact Part 2

We have a new dog in the neighborhood, a 7 month old Great Dane name Caroline. At first she was shy, but now runs over to see Oliver (the Bulldog). I think Oliver has a new girlfriend. Winston on the other hand (black Pug) wants nothing to do with Caroline. Watch and see how a 15 lb. Pug chases away a Great Dane. It really is too funny. Once again, no Pugs or other dogs were harmed in the making of this video. 

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Anonymous said...

So funny! I know all about that. Meilin is never afraid of bigger dogs and she loves to protect her friend from other dogs. And he looks like a doberman!!!

Page said...

That is hilarious! Winston and Sela heard the barking on the video and began barking as well! LOL!

Mrs. Jetplane said...

Too cute. My pug beats up on 90lb American Bulldog all the time.

You should him when there is Great Dane day at the Dog Park, my pug goes crazy.