Monday, June 9, 2008

Bad Combination

Pug + Laptop + Glass of Water = Computer Doesn't Work!

I had a little scare this morning. My pug Winston in an effort to drink out of a glass next to my laptop tipped it over. The laptop screen was black and the computer was not on when I found it. Nor would it turn on. In a panic I shook the laptop upside down, nothing came out. So I propped it up next to a fan and left to do a little shopping. When I returned I cautiously pressed the button to turn it back on & to my surprise it turned back on. I've learned my lesson. Keep drinks away from the laptop.


Punchbugpug said...

I spilled an entire glass of water in my phone at work once. I turned it upside down, let the water drain out and put the fan on too....worked fine! LOL

Can you send me your email address? I have Pug friends here who are interested in status of Molly. I moderate my comments so don't worry about it being published!