Sunday, April 20, 2008

You'll never believe this...

Photo taken by MH

Can you guess what this cup of goodness is? It is a fresh brewed cup of coffee given to MH while he was at some guys house going over health care coverage. Who in their right mind would drink this cup of grossness! Better yet, who in their right mind would make a cup of coffee like this and serve it!?? Clearly this guy is not in a good state of mind.


lml said...

Cute mug, but that looks like the grossest cup of coffee ever!

...oh, and I'm not sure if the factory stores carry the shorts you are looking for. Unfortunately the retail stores and factory stores are completely different entities so we never know for sure what they have in stock. Oftentimes the factory stores will have similar, if not some of the same, merchandise but it's hit or miss. You might want to call before you head out there just to be sure.