Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What Are People Thinking?

I was in line at Walmart today and this lady was in front of me. Notice she doesn't have any shoes on! You can't really see it that well but look closely, the bottom of her feet are black. Yeck! Who walks around in Walmart without any shoes on? Apparently this lady does.

My New Summer Hobby

For years I have wanted to learn how to sew. Well actually, learn a second time. Way back when the school systems could afford extra programs I took a home economical class. We learned how to balance a check book, cook and sew. I purchased my first sewing machine a little over a month ago. I had not had any time to even take it out of the box till now. Summer break is here, and nursing books are being put away for now.

So today I broke the new machine out of the box. Ran to Jo-Ann Fabrics and bought some starter sewing items. I bought enough fabric to make a belt, tote bag and maybe a little something else after that.

So here is what I made today, a belt. Not bad for my first time really sewing. I think I did pretty good. Maybe I'll tackle the tote bag tomorrow.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Who Loves Pink?

I love pink just as much as the next preppy person... but this guy must really love pink! To make things worse he is wearing this jacket in Florida. Does it really ever get that cold here that you need a heavy duty pink jacket?!

Photos taken by MH

But wait there's more...

The outfit would not be complete without the pink backpack! My one question is, do the long chains really go with this outfit?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

You'll never believe this...

Photo taken by MH

Can you guess what this cup of goodness is? It is a fresh brewed cup of coffee given to MH while he was at some guys house going over health care coverage. Who in their right mind would drink this cup of grossness! Better yet, who in their right mind would make a cup of coffee like this and serve it!?? Clearly this guy is not in a good state of mind.

So Not Me, So Me

So Not Me

So Me

So Not Me

So Me

So Not Me

So Me

So Not Me

So Me

Friday, April 18, 2008

Pugs and Pacemakers

It's amazing what we can do for our pets now a days. The following story is about a pug with a failing heart. Dr. Spier (cardiologist at FVS) gave the owner two choices; take him home and let him live out the rest of his life, which might not be very long, or they could get a pacemaker put in him. They chose the pacemaker! Click here for the video clip of this story.

On another note of saving doggie lives. Oliver was not able to donate blood last Saturday. He has bad veins! Not a real big shocker for Bulldogs though. They are well known to have the worst veins to get blood or start an IV on. It was a good effort on his part though.

On a funny note, take a good look at this guy. Notice anything particularly odd? He's wearing ski goggles!! Are there really that many bugs in Florida that he needs ski goggles to ride with the top down?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Oliver Gets a Nail Trim

Even though Oliver is a big tough Bulldog he rolls right over for his nail trims. The pugs are not as cooperative. They require numerous treats to keep them from running away. All this training with Oliver has made him a perfect candidate for blood donation. Yes, even dogs can donate their blood for a worthy cause. We go in on Saturday for his first blood draw. I'll let you know how it goes.

Here is an article on blood donations,
Information of FVS's blood donation program,
FVS Blood Donation.
Blood donation video,